Blackhead Path

IMG_0913It was a little dreary the day we set out on the Blackhead Path hike: a little cold, threatening showers, foggy in spots. Blackhead Path is the perfect hike for a day like this: a nice up-and-down over a relatively short hike (just over 3 km), with some beautiful scenery, historic sites, and a variety of terrain. We decided to hike out and back for a short 7+ km; if it rained, we wouldn’t be out in it for too long! As it turns out, I forgot my camera as well, to top it all off: the pics below were taken with my iPhone. They came out okay!

The hike begins in scenic Blackhead, a tiny community on the drive to Cape Spear. Parking in the designated area, hikers walk down a private drive and skirt around a property where horses are kept, crossing over rocky terrain at the property’s edge. Leaving Blackhead, the trail follows the coast for a few hundred metres, crossing a couple of wet patches, before starting on the single significant climb on the trail. The path winds up over the barren hill to an old track which brings hikers to Blackhead, where the remains of a decoy anti-aircraft battery are found, two circular holes lined with stone. Past the dummy fort, the trail heads back down the other side of the hill. There are some rather large patches of blueberries at this point. We stopped for a taste!

Climbing down over the hill which is rocky in a couple of spots, the trail meets back up with the coast and passes some spectacular rocky shore. Of particular interest is the side trail to Cantwell’s Cove, which apparently once featured a loading crane. The trail heads toward the road at this point and terminates near the parking lot at the Cape Bay end of the Cape Spear historical site. In the end, we didn’t get rained on going out or back, and despite the dreary weather and the lack of a DSLR, got some nice pics!

Check out the few pics below: better and higher-quality ones to follow!


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