01/2014 update: the page has moved… we’ve set up a full-time blog at http://hikingnewfoundland.gerryryall.ca – all of the content from this page has been moved over there, we’ve added more, and we’re making it more of an active blog/photoblog. Please come and check us out, and update your bookmarks!

In the meantime, this page will remain in its current state! Enjoy it!

mapHi folks, and welcome to my little dedication to the East Coast Trail, a beautiful trail system that links coastal communities from Cape St. Francis to Cappahayden, on the eastern edge of Canada, scenic Newfoundland and Labrador. This blog is a documentation of our adventures and experiences while walking these incredible trails. If it’s useful to you in helping to choose a trail, even better!

Any section of trail that is complete will be highlighted in red on the map to the left (as accurately as possible). Currently, the sections of trail marked as “complete” consists of the following:

Biscan Cove Path, Silver Mine Head Path, Cobblers Path, Blackhead Path, Cape Spear Path, Mickeleens Path, Beaches Path, Tinkers Path, La Manche Village Path, Flamber Head Path, Brigus Head Path, Caplin Bay Path and Sounding Hills Path.

The menu on the left will reflect any completed pagesĀ (that menu is found under “Navigation” if you’re viewing the page from a mobile device).

All credit goes to the volunteers and organizers of the East Coast Trail. They do incredible work in maintaining these traditional thoroughfares, and in fighting to keep our natural beauty intact. Check out the East Coast Trail webpage (link) and support them monetarily or by volunteering if you can! And when you’re out on the trails, respect them: leave no trace!

As well, always use caution on the Trail. there are sections of the trail that are very close to cliff edge and may be slippery when wet or icy. Exercise the utmost caution so you can return to enjoy these trails again and again.

Be sure to pick up a set of the East Coast Trail maps either from the web site or from fine shops like The Outfitters in St. John’s!


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